Full Potential Parenting Special Deal: The Anti-Aggression Online Workshop

Roughhousing can benefit your child's body, brain, spirit, and connection to you. Learn how actively playing with your child helps him build better relationships, creativity, and academic success.

Patty Wipfler shares the first step you need to take with your child so he can think better, and not lash out at others.

In this special offer to Full Potential Parenting parents, we're offering a combo deal. You'll receive the online course, Helping Your Child with Aggression, and a 4 podcast collection "Anti-Aggression, The Peaceful Child Collection." 

Stressed about how to help your little hitter?

Does your child...

  •     lash out at others
  •     get in trouble with others at school or daycare   

Would you like to...

  •     feel more confident as a parent that you can effectively address hitting/kicking/biting
  •     learn concrete tools to address aggression, stop the behavior and strengthen your child’s connection with you

What you'll get with the online course:

  • 15 Instructional Videos (15-20 min each for easy retention) ($39 Value)
  • Instant access to these transformative videos, mp3s, and reading materials
  • Audio format (mp3) for parents on the go (okay to listen with your children around)
  • Unlimited access 24/7 for up to one year
  • 9 "Listening to Children" e-booklets ($29 value)
  • Access to a support group and message forum of other parents enrolled in this class

This course is PACKED with good, practical online videos that you can watch at your leisure. They've laid out the brain science behind emotional hurts that lead children to hitting and other forms of aggression. I would recommend it to anyone who wants some help reconnecting with their child. The answers ARE HERE!

Kirsten Nottleson Austin, TX

Topics covered

  • The root causes of your child's aggression
  • A powerful tool to stop the hitting/biting/kicking
  • How to support yourself you as you help your child work her way through aggressive behavior
  • The importance of emotional support for yourself
  • If your child’s hitting behavior is causing trouble at school, you will learn a number of tools to use preemptively and strategically at home so that pattern stops happening

In just a few weeks, we have noticed an incredible shift in our whole family dynamic. Thank you for giving me the idea and permission to play with my son in silly ways. We were both happy and that connected feeling carried over to him helping cook dinner, share with his baby sister, and go to sleep easily. Amazing stuff! A mother of two, Portland, OR

You'll also learn

    • Why a child who is hits is a scared child, and you will learn how to help him work through those fears so they aren’t so easily triggered
    • A powerful tool to support you as you help your child work his way through difficult feelings that lead to challenging behaviors
    • How to help your child work through fears so he isn't so easily triggered
    • The experiences that lead to aggressive behavior, and how to handle it in the middle of a meltdown

You'll also receive 4 different Podcasts ($15 value):

  • When Your Child is Bouncing Off the Walls
  • No More Hitting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Setting Limits Without Saying "Time Out"

This approach and these tools are especially helpful for children who have had challenging early experiences such as a difficult birth, invasive medical treatment, or significant separations from a caregiver. When children’s hitting arises out of the fear experienced during these kinds of challenging events, an approach that fosters connection, co-regulation of emotions, and warm limits is critical.

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appropriate for parents with children ages 0-10

Our research based approach is trusted by over a million parents worldwide

This includes four 1-hour mp3s
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