Taming Sibling Rivalry

Believe it or not, your children want to get along and love each other. But they need your help to build a healthy relationship.

Do your children:

  •     Fight over little things?
  •     Irritate each other on purpose?
  •     Compete over who sits where or gets to use which toys?
  •     Say mean things to each other or yell?
  •     Act aggressively or hurt each other physically?

Do you want:

  •     A peaceful, loving home for the whole family
  •     To finally understand what’s at the root of sibling tensions
  •     Practical tools to tame sibling rivalry with examples from real parents on how to use them
  •     To prepare for the birth of a new sibling
  •     To help a child who is frequently victimized
  •     To build support for yourself and reduce your frustration level and so much more


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self-guided online class

appropriate for ages 2-10

Our research based approach is trusted by over a million parents worldwide
Price $39.00

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Taming Sibling Rivalry will help you build the skills and understanding you need to truly mend your children’s relationships with one another, and with you. You’ll learn how to increase each child’s sense that you’re on their side. You’ll learn what to do with the weariness or the frustration that gets triggered in you day after day. And you’ll learn what it takes to melt the tightly-held upsets inside your children, so they can relax and enjoy one another.

$39 Instant Access Includes:

  • Over four hours of specific video instruction from Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler, divided into 10-15 minute segments for easy retention.
  • Full 9 e-booklet Listening to Children set, including, How Children’s Emotions Work,  Reaching for your Angry Child, Healing Children’s Fears, and more. (A $24 value.)
  • Four bonus videos, showing real parents successfully using these techniques with their children.
  • Immediate and anytime access to these transformative videos and reading materials, available to you any time, day or night, for one year. 


“A little about the video: Patty is loving, practical, and clear. The videos offer concrete examples of what to say, how to say it, and what tone to use, which was so helpful for me. I enjoyed parenting this week. I am not exhausted. Thank you!”

Stephanie Abhrams, South Portland, ME


Topics covered

  • Ways to help each of your children feel treasured
  • Ways to bring more laughter into your family life
  • Emergency measures for when your patience is gone
  • How to help a child who feels needy
  • Fresh thinking on fairness and sharing
  • What to do when one child has already hurt the other


“Patty Wipfler really clarifies what’s going on when children get caught up in doing something hurtful or unsafe. This course gives parents a deep sense of assurance and an understanding of the most helpful actions to take.”

Sadie Van Gelder, Certified Instructor


How the course is set up:

You’ll attend the course through an online classroom you can log into from anywhere. The classroom hosts a series of video segments and additional reading to support your exploration of a closer, warmer, more cooperative relationship with your child and a better support system for yourself. We’ve arranged our topics to cover the most vital actions right in Class 1. There’s homework to do after each class. You may see good results as quickly as after Homework 1.



self-guided online class

appropriate for ages 2-10

Our research based approach is trusted by over a million parents worldwide
price $39.00